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About aerodynamic

Yusuke Takahashi, who was born in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan, received his B.A. (Policy Management) in 2003, M.M.G. in 2005, and Ph.D. (Media and Governance) in March 2009 from Keio University, Japan. Since 1996, he had been with Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University, as a researcher until the spring of 2009. His research addressed knowledge base systems, semantic transformation among heterogeneous databases, multidatabase systems, data analysis and its visualization, and databases in education and personal career development. He is now concentrating in design/development/consultation of database systems/knowledge base systems/multimedia database systems, design/development/consultation of web-based applications, and design/development/consultation of graphic design works including card/postcard/calendar/book. He is now a Founder and CEO of Individual Company Inc. He is also a part-time lecturer at Takasaki City University of Economics. He is a member of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), Database Society of Japan (DBSJ) and Japan Society of Educational Technology (JSET). Specialties Knowledgebase, Multidatabase (Federated Database), Semantic Transformation among Heterogeneous Databases, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Writing

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  1. Open network Labs is a good initiative. I didn’t hear about it but our start-up is already releasing its products like CareerBecause.Asia. Any synergy possible even if you are not part of the programme?

    CareerBecause.Asia is set to make careers and recruiting in Asia simple and fun by bringing together career opportunities, hiring news and networking for professionals and recruiters across the region, all in one place.

    If you are a professional seeking exciting career opportunities, CareerBecause.Asia is free to join. On the site you can:

    Search and apply for career opportunities posted by top firms across Asia

    Build a slick, interactive resume that you can send as a link to potential employers

    Find and message recruiters in a friendly, participative environment

    Connect to and message other professionals in your city and across Asia

    Read daily interviews and stories about recruiters, young professionals and business leaders in Asia

    Publish your own stories and blogs about the Asian job market, business and economy.

    CareerBecause.Asia uses a tried and tested interface that includes a powerful search tool, ease of interaction and accessible, useful information. The site makes it easier for recruiters and talent to find and connect with each other across Asia.

    CareerBecause.Asia is a partnership between Tokyo-based Ajisai and London-BusinessBecause,com, bringing together Ajisai’s expertise in Asian recruitment with’s track record in online networking, news and jobs for busy young professionals.

    About Ajisai

    Based in Tokyo, with offices in Shanghai, Pune and Kuala Lumpur, Ajisai is the owner of established careers site The Asia Career Times. Ajisai k.k. was established to provide a comprehensive careers grid for Asia, matching multiple hiring needs with multiple talent pools across the region. Ajisai’s mission is to help individuals, firms, and professional and educational institutions to match hiring needs with the best talent. To learn more visit Ajisai’s corporate site

    About is a news, networking and jobs site for the business school world, helping applicants choose a business school and business students find a job. It’s the first ever specialist networking site for the business school world, launched in 2009. The site is fast approaching 15,000 registered members from 150 countries. Companies including Google, KPMG and Virgin Group have used BusinessBecause to find candidates.

    Olivier LeLann, CEO, Ajisai: “The job market in Asia is booming but matching up talent with recruiters is still a lengthy, old-fashioned process. It’s a great moment to build on our existing products to create a unique solution for employers and professionals in Asia.”

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